As a leading supplier of new kitchens in the UK you’ve made the right choice by coming to Kitchen Units Brighton. We are experienced in the business and have helped thousands of people to get the kitchen of their dreams.

Our ranges of modern, traditional and shaker kitchens are so extensive that you’ll be quite simply spoilt for choice. Fortunately we’re here to help and we provide a unique design service with our team of professionals to help you make the right decision. Using our in-house design software they are able to maximize the space available to realise its full potential. We’ve also got a massive stock of flooring, tiles, appliances,knobs, handles, taps and worktops and all those little extras that will help make your kitchen truly your own.

Deposit Information

Kitchen Units Brighton we are committed to offering you the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our service speaks for itself - every section of our process has been developed with you in mind and our delivery service is no exception.

To secure your order a minimum deposit of only £100 will be required. Once your order has been secured then a member of our delivery processing team will be in touch with you to discuss the delivery of your kitchen. Once your kitchen has been safely delivered to your home and you're completely satisfied with your goods, then and only then do you pay the remaining balance of your kitchen in full.

Delivery Information

Taking delivery of your new dream kitchen is just as important as is designing or installing the kitchen. Our specialist team will safely unload your kitchen into a ground floor room of your choosing for you so that you have the opportunity to inspect each and every single component that has been delivered to your home. Prior to delivering your kitchen, the customer relations team who specialise in our kitchen deliveries will contact you to arrange your delivery and to discuss any problems that you may have with your delivery. If you have any specific queries relating directly to our delivery service then please don't hesitate in contacting our customer service team.

Why Choose Us

1. We will not tolerate high pressure sales techniques so you can buy in peace.

2. We do not ask you to pay for your kitchen until after its been delivered.

3. All of our drawer packs come with metal soft closing drawer systems at no extra charge.

4. All of our drawer packs come ready built to save you hassle and expense.

5. Our kitchen cabinets are guaranteed for life unlike any of our competitors kitchens.

6. We only use PVC edging tape which is five times thicker than the paper edging tape.

7. Every single cabinet component is edged all around, most companies only edge visible parts.

8. All of our cabinets have solid back panels unlike most other kitchen companies.

9. We offer a totally free of charge delivery service.

10. We are 40% cheaper than our nearest competitor. So why go elsewhere?

Design Service

A design survey can give you and accurate idea of what is achievable in your unique kitchen space with minimum alterations. Try our free design survey from a professional kitchen expert to help you find the right mix of styles, materials and colours to suit your requirements.

If you'd like to see how our designers could transform your home, get in touch today.
A designer will typically:

» Visit your home and take measurements.
» Discuss your budget and requirements.
» Create a draft design to get some ideas on paper.
» Discuss your schedule.
» Order selected products and materials.

It doesn't take long. Book your kitchen survey visit with our design consultants today. We promise to have your kitchen surveyed and planned within one hour.

Call our office today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Call today on here

Deposit & Delivery

We do not expect payment upfront for your kitchen, we just require a small deposit of just £100 to secure your order. Once your order is secured by this payment a member of our delivery team will get in touch to arrange a suitable time for delivery. When your kitchen has been deliver and you are satisfied with it, is when the remaining balance will be paid.

How it works

Before your kitchen is delivered someone from our customer relations team will call you to confirm the delivery is on route and answer any queries you may have. Our experienced delivery team will safely unload your kitchen into your chosen on ground level room. You are then given the chance to inspect the entire kitchen that has just been delivered.